About the TCA’s 

Okay, think about the fact that Harry was seen so much on the show. Basically seen as the front man (or the only man in the audience idk I didn’t actually see the whole thing) 

Now think about how much One Direction was talked about on the show.

Now think about the fact that TCA admitted to rigging the awards.

And now, think about the fact that all anyone in the entertainment industry cares about is money.

Now put two and two together. 

Yes it was rigged. Surprising? Not really. Shows like this are never actually about the awards. Or even about the fans. They’re about money. They’re a great excuse for promo promo and more promo. And promo equals money. I don’t know exactly how it works, but I would bet a lot that it’s all a money game, and the one with the highest bid gets the award. By winning the award you get to go up and talk about whatever it is you did that got you the award, aka promo. The trailer/song/whatever you did gets shown to the world, aka promo. 

It’s all very deliberate. Harry isn’t choosing to be the frontman. For whatever reason, it’s the image for the band that modest is insistent on projecting, and they’re doing a great job of it. No doubt it cost them an arm and a leg. But it’s no coincidence that 1D were the biggest part of the whole thing.

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