It’s funny because some people are genuinely curious as to why Harry is always papped, no matter where he goes, even in France. But Louis is hardly ever papped except when with Eleanor, even in france (or especially in France). The other boys, as a general rule, are hardly ever papped at all. It’s funny because it’s so blindingly obvious, yet people don’t see it, and that’s why it’s still happening, because it’s still working.

But let’s take a minute and put two and two together shall we? And if we do it right, we might even come out with four. Here we go:

  • Modest!’s desired image of Harry Styles: Single and straight, and most definitely not with Louis Tomlinson
  • Modest!’s desired image of Louis Tomlinson: With girlfriend and straight, and most definitely not with Harry Styles
  • Pap photos of Harry: Harry alone, Harry with friends, Harry with randos, Harry with fans, Harry with children, Harry with women, Harry with men, Harry never ever with Louis Tomlinson
  • Pap photos of Louis: Louis alone (on occasion), Louis with bandmates (on occasion), Louis with fans (on occasion), Louis with girlfriend (9 time out of 10), Louis never ever with Harry Styles
  • And the all of five minutes required to take these photos equals people thinking (drumroll please)
  • Harry is never ever ever with Louis
  • Louis is never ever ever with Harry
  • Louis is always always with Eleanor

What we should all know by now:

  • These photos are deliberate
  • It is not a coincidence that Harry is ALWAYS papped
  • It is not a coincidence that Louis is ALWAYS ONLY papped when he’s with Eleanor
  • Pap photos reveal nothing that could ever be considered reality
  • they take 5-15 minutes to set up and get a few good shots to shape people’s perception of a situation
  • What looks like Harry might have been out all day could actually mean he’s been out for less than an hour
  • We aren’t getting paps of Louis for a reason
  • This isn’t a conspiracy claiming their together, but the fact is that every single situation is manipulated to project an image of a false reality, to ensure that the desired image stays intact, and to ensure there is no threat to the constant flow of money pouring in.
  • Just because there are no pap photos of Harry and Louis together does not mean Harry and Louis are not together.
  • Every single situation has potential to be nothing but a set up, just always keep that in mind.
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