Okay, I’m going to tinhat right now, because I need to get my thoughts in order about the date tonight. So read at your own damn risk. Don’t come bitching to me about it. 

Okay, so we got Pictures of Harry at Leeds right? At some uni party?

Okay…. Now excuse my lack of knowledge of English geography, but I did look at a map… if they were rehearsing somewhere near leeds…. leeds would most likely be on the way, or not far out of the way to manchester right?

We’ve had the pics of Harry for a few hours, which means they were probably taken a few hours before that.

Now from leads to manchester, according to Google maps takes about an hour.  At 9:30 UK time Louis was tweeting about football (presumably of course) Then he tweets about getting food…

2 hours later he thanks Rosso’s AKA his and Harry’s date restaurant.. he doesn’t mention Eleanor. I have yet to see a picture of Louis tonight. And I haven’t seen elounor pics.

So is it not possible that Harry and Louis travelled to Manchester, stopping in Leeds for Harry to get some pictures taken so it looks like he was alone, then continue on to Manchester for dinner? I mean machester is where Eleanor goes to school so it’s easy to assume that he was with her… 

It’s late there, he tweeted at 11:30. That’s a late dinner. But if they were travelling it would make sense…..

And Harry looked so happy… happier than he usually does when he knows Louis is with Eleanor.

I dunno, I’m tinhatting but it seems possible to me. We have yet to get a picture of Louis…

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