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wait why would oli be doing it for louis like what are the benefits? not disagreeing just wondering..

Bc the girl has a LOT of followers on Twitter, which means she has a lot of influence and can control the conversation involving a large portion of the fandom. Oli can leak info to her, whether for the team or for louis. Or for no reason at all. But if they do take advantage of it (which I believe they do) then it’s just another way to indirectly control the narrative, and control what people know/think. I think it’s especially useful for locations and stuff you know?


@kalesobrien: Love of my entire life @Harry_Styles 💘💘💘


@kalesobrien: Love of my entire life @Harry_Styles 💘💘💘







so being a pedophile is the new wave?

Report these nasty broads, yo.

Shit like this normalizes pedophilia. Report all of them. 

Can you imagine how tumblr would react if it was a bunch of dudes talking about a girl 

This is a disgusting display of paedophilia. Not to mention, the hypocrisy in it is simply outrageous. If the genders had been reversed, women would have exploded (rightly so, but they can’t get angry when it’s about a girl and laugh it off when it’s about a boy).

- Freddie

it’s really annoying how people are using this post as a “in your face!” to woman. why are you guys acting like this didn’t blow up within seconds after posting it? why are you guys acting like most of the people that reported these girls weren’t woman? most of the fucking notes are from woman. So tell me where you see “hypocrisy” because 99% of the people who make these kind of jokes are men and I hardly ever see an outrage about it.

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I'm so mad at Oli and feel so sorry for Louis. I don't care if all he gives that tori chick are informations about locations or what not, he's a shit friend and Louis deserves waaaaaaaay better

………………… did you think that maybe he’s doing it for Louis…….?


I can actually understand why Harry would want to use a pseudonym.  Everything he touches right now is going to be seen through the ‘boybander’ goggles.  Singled out for judgement and automatically discredited because he’s Harry Styles of One Direction. There are so-called music journalists who wouldn’t say something positive about any of the members of 1D and or their music if they wrote the greatest song in history.  This way his songs could be judged on their own merit.

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I thought that was the point? That Oli knew about Tori and the update acc and was a mutual agreement? Or why would he give her info? He's not that dumb he would know if he sends her a pic and that one gets leaked

oh absolutely it’s a mutual thing, and he knows she’s using him, but I think the point was that if he suddenly dried up in terms of information, she’d probably not want to stay with him. IE, yes they’re using each other, but that it doesn’t go beyond that. And I’m sure he must be aware of that, at least to some degree, but it’s also possible he thinks there’s more to it. But it could also go the oher way, and she could think there’s more to it and him not really give a shit you know? We’re not really in a position to say.


I wonder to what level Oli is aware that that update account girl would stop sleeping with him if he stopped giving her information/”information” about his best friend.

Louis untied Liam’s shoes, Harry tied them right back