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i don't get it, if 1DHQ was aware of the implications of the blue bandana, why wouldn't they make him stop wearing it all together? why only stop him at the show?

Because ultimately, 1DHQ only has control over the boy’s public image. Even though they are public figures 24/7, that control doesn’t extend to free time/time off work. That’s the extremely simplified version, it’s much more complex, there are clauses in place and other things where exceptions can be made, but generally speaking that’s how it works.

So Harry can wear the blue bandana, and if his team decides they don’t like it/don’t like what it represents/don’t like how it affects his image, they can tell him to stop wearing it. But that only applies to work. So he’ll be told not to wear it on stage, in interviews etc, but they don’t have the same control when he’s off the clock.

A similar thing happened with the wedding bracelet that he wore for a week after Jay’s wedding. He wore for that entire week they had off, but when he wore it to the show, he ran off stage to take it off as soon as they discovered he was wearing it.

It’s the same too with their relationships. They have control over their public image, so they can work it that Harry and Louis can’t come out, but they can’t actually force them to not be in a relationship. They can enforce bearding relationships, but they can’t force those relationships to be real. I hope that makes sense.

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What is the bandana thing? I don't get why the blue bandana is so significant?



THANKS FOR ASKING, ANON! I want to talk about this forever.

Earlier this summer, some fans decided to start the Bandana Project — asking concert attendees to wear bandanas representing their favorite members of One Direction.

It’s unclear how successful/widespread it was — it definitely came across my dash weeks ago, but a lot of people have said that they never saw it before the recent chatter about it. But that’s not actually important.

Slightly more important but still not the main point: Harry wore a blue bandana during the August 22nd show.

Basically, were he participating in the Bandana Project, he would be declaring that Louis is his favorite member of 1D.

Fans made a connection between the bandana project and Harry’s blue bandana, and started speculating in earnest about whether it’s possible that he would have known about the project. Lots of people concluded probably not and that it was just a cute coincidence.

But then! WHAT IS REALLY IMPORTANT: Even after the fandom started talking about Harry wearing the blue bandana, he kept wearing it.

And then even after the fandom started talking even more loudly about Harry wearing it AFTER fandom discussion of it, he still kept wearing it.

He’s still wearing it. He wore it last night.

There is no fucking way that Harry doesn’t know about all the bandana speculation at this point. So either: 1) he doesn’t care if we think that he’s out there proclaiming with a blue bandana that Louis is his favorite, or 2) he IS out there proclaiming with a blue bandana that Louis is his favorite.

Or both. I’m going with both.

Also notably, he has not been wearing it on stage since that first time (except when he had it tucked into his back pocket for a bit). Yet he’s been wearing it constantly off stage, including in backstage photos taken shortly before showtime when he’s wearing the rest of his stage outfit. This makes me suspect that he’s been asked not to wear it on stage anymore, which would mean he definitely knows the significance.



Talking to a guy here in love with Harry. He said Liam scares him as do Louis and Zayn because they don’t think they like his “type” much. So pissed at what their team created.

This breaks my fucking heart and I will never forgive Modest for the way they’ve made LGBTQ fans feel so unwelcome and uncertain about their place in this fandom.

PLEASE link them through to read this fan’s account of meeting Louis (it’s widely referred to as “the trans-fan story”, but that’s not an accurate fandom description) and also this video where Louis talks about 1D’s gay fans - he really deserves to see that Louis isn’t the bigot he’s been made out to be. 

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I seems like all you reblog is Harry :/

why are you :/ have u fucking seen harry


anon writing about the 8-29-15 Chicago show:

I’ve been trying to process it all day, and I still haven’t completely. 

First though, we were in an extremely homophobic section. Like the row in front of us, to a couple back. The girl next to me had a “Harry, Michael Sams will burn in hell” sign! I bought my tickets on StubHub, and idk if they all were there together or what, but everyone around us was rude as soon as we showed up. My phone background is a photo I took of Harry in the MS jersey and the same girl as before made a point to let EVERYONE know about it. I didn’t see the sign until the show started though, and Louis definitely saw it right as the show was starting and instantly deflated. The next song in, we made awkward eye contact and it was torture for me. I just smiled and mouthed sorry and he sort of shrugged his shoulders. A few more songs in someone in the row behind us threw something and almost hit Harry and he looked right at me, then I think he saw the sign and he wasn’t the same near our section all night. At one point, Harry was apparently supposed to be in our section, and Louis grabbed Liam and moved him further down and walked with him. When Liam saw the sign he frowned and turned to sing to the other side. When that song was over, those girls left. Then Harry was back to our side again. 

Before the show I saw and heard so much shit, afterwards it was just as bad. This one girl at the end when we were leaving was wearing a “Larry forever” shirt and was being bullied. My friend and I jumped in right away, and sort of walked between them, but they didn’t stop and started calling us lesbians, which whatever, why is that offensive? But it was just cruel in the same. The girl ended up crying and we tried to calm her down, but it just made me more upset. We went back to the shore and waited for traffic to clear up and I was crying and just upset and it is so stupid, but I can’t even imagine what that would be like for someone who was closeted and that was the root of it in the end.

Overall, this is a show I sort of wish I had missed. I got some videos of the stuff, and I just felt like a dick being in that group. I mean they were TRYING to nail Harry with things ALL NIGHT LONG. The kid was dodging things the whole show. I think Liam got hit instead at one point.

I wish I had found a flag or something, beforehand but I didn’t. I felt bad for them, I felt bad for those people who weren’t even really there for them, just mostly to be dicks… If I had been somewhere else last night I would have had a way better experience. I felt safer in Detroit alone, than my own home city (now), and that is shit. Makes me anxious about tonight’s.

Sorry of this doesn’t make sense, it’s a jumble of emotions to me, and like I said, still trying to process it all.

Also, because I didn’t say this, they were there for Liam. When Liam kind of rubbed them off, they were screaming ab how happy he was and he came back to us, but like I said, I think he had to have a section at that point? Idk. It was a strange and weird experience and I hope to never relive it.