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basically canada is bomb

well for some things. not all things.

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Yes, it is. And that's how it should work all around the world. 'cause right now they're being so disrespectful :-/



It’s 11:00 pm and girls are screaming outside a hotel…where are their parents

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yeah well, that's great, it's amazing that canada works like that.

yeah it is. Means the artists and their teams can get sleep. amazing.

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lol that's not they way it works in south america. police wont do anything to fans. i got your point, i know it is being extremely insane... but trust me, fans in south america cant be stopped, and i know that's a bit sad.

it’s illegal in canada, they’ll legit come and chase them away and/or arrest them. And ppl wonder why they don’t want to fucking meet fans.

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wait you knwo someone who has one of the 5sos boys phone number??????

normally i would have been joking, but i actually do know someone who has it lol





omfg omfg omfg

fetus harry making fun of fetus zayn and getting told off. oh and fetus liam in the beginning

JoshDevineDrums: This is why there’s going to be no sleep again tonight..

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but he has the four other boys? who are supposed to be his "brothers"? i mean he literally got a tattoo for them i wouldn't have expected him to be as miserable as he apparently is

have people you love around you doesn’t prevent you from being sad or lonely? I mean really anon? come on.




pls tell me they’re not going to bring this army when they tour other countries


pls tell me they are going to bring that army every damn place they go

It’s the first time after two years of band that they come to south america, i don’t support the fans annoying them, but i understand why they’re so desperate. 

it’s not about the fans annoying them…….. it’s about preventing fans and the BOYS from getting hurt, idc how desperate the fans are to meet them. That desperation is what gets people hurt, and I’m glad someone is finally taking it seriously.